2020 ASHEcon Virtual Conference Agenda

Monday, June 8th

12:00 – 1:15pm EST – Presidential Welcome: Janet Currie, Princeton University
Plenary: Voluntary vs. Mandatory Health Care Regulation

Zoom: https://ashecon-org.zoom.us/j/95985314013
Liran Einav, Stanford University
Moderator: Martin Gaynor, Carnegie Mellon University
This session is sponsored by: The Analysis Group

1:30 – 3:00pm EST – Emerging Scholars Sessions (Emerging Scholar sessions are student sessions; all will occur concurrently) 
Emerging Scholars: Aging
Zoom: https://ashecon-org.zoom.us/j/92734255190

Chair: David Grabowski, Harvard University

Impact of Medicare Home Health Rural Add-on Payment on Re-Hospitalizations
Author: Lacey Loomer, Brown University
Discussant: Paul Eliason, Brigham Young University

The Impact of ACO Affiliation on Reducing Urban and Rural Disparities of Preventable ED Visits Among Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias
Author(s): Nianyang Wang, University of Maryland; Jie Chen, University of Maryland
Discussant: Daifeng He, Swarthmore College

Do Pension Income Shocks Affect Health Spending? Spillovers from Social Security to Medicare
Author: Jacob Berman, UCLA
Discussant: Meghan Skira, University of Georgia
Emerging Scholars: Maternal and Child Health
Zoom: https://ashecon-org.zoom.us/j/95619030341

Chair: Marianne Bitler, Department of Economics, UC Davis

More Money, Fewer Problems? The Effect of Foster Care Payments on Children’s Placement and Quality of Care
Author(s): Anna Chorniy, Clemson University; Christopher Mills, Princeton University
Discussant: Christine Durrance, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Childhood Mental Health: Early Risk and Future Effects
Author: Jill Furzer, University of Toronto
Discussant:K. John McConnell, Oregon Health & Science University

The Unintended Effects of California’s Paid Family Leave Program on Children’s Birth Outcomes
Author: Feng Chen, Tulane University
Discussant: Laura Dague, Texas A&M University
Emerging Scholars: Mental Health
Zoom: https://ashecon-org.zoom.us/j/95289434728

Chair: Janet Currie, Princeton University

How Does Insurance Affect Prescription Drug Utilization? Evidence from ADHD Medications
Author(s): Giacomo Meille, University of Michigan
Discussant: Priscilla Novak, Office of Personnel Management

Mass Shooting in The United States and its Mental Health Consequences: Demand for Over-The-Counter Mood Enhancement Supplements
Author: Mahdi Fallahi, University of Connecticut
Discussant: Yesim Tozan, New York University

The Effect of Payday Lending Restrictions on Suicide and Fatal Poisonings
Author: Thanh Lu, Temple University
Discussant: Mark Stabile, INSEAD
Emerging Scholars: Physician Behavior
Zoom: https://ashecon-org.zoom.us/j/99088125299

Chair: Daniel Sacks, Indiana University

Quantifying Sources of Persistent Prescription Behavior: Evidence from Belgium
Author(s): Pieter De VliegerUniversity of Michigan
Discussant: Daniel Sacks, Indiana University

Do Surgeons Forget? Investigating the Impact of Days out of Practice on Health Outcomes for Emergency Hip Fracture Patients
Author: Laurie Rachet-Jacquet, Centre for Health Economics, University of York
Discussant: Laurence Baker, Stanford University

Overused or Underskilled? Effects of Selectively Reducing the Quantity of Medical Procedures
Author(s): Maya Lozinski, University of Chicago; Grant Gannaway, University of Chicago
Discussant: Ziad Obermeyer, University of California, Berkeley
Emerging Scholars: Physician Coordination
Zoom: https://ashecon-org.zoom.us/j/94038546968
Chair: Dan Zeltzer, Tel Aviv University

Team-Specific Human Capital and Team Performance: Evidence from Doctors
Author: Yiqun Chen, Stanford University
Discussant: Dan Zeltzer, Tel Aviv University

Identifying Physician Practice Style for Mental Health Diagnoses
Author: Kelli Marquardt, University of Arizona
Discussant: Keith Ericson, Boston University

The Indirect Effects of Medicaid Payment Changes: Evidence of Spillovers to the Commercially Insured
Author: Debra Bozzi, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Discussant: Ian McCarthy, Emory University
Emerging Scholars: Socioeconomic Status, Health, and Exercise
Zoom: https://ashecon-org.zoom.us/j/99505621578

Chair: Amanda Kowalski, University of Michigan

Impact of Extreme Temperatures on Emergency Hospital Admissions by Age and Socioeconomic Deprivation in England: Observational Study
Author(s): Dheeya Rizmie, Imperial College London; Laure de Preux, Imperial College London; Marisa Miraldo, Imperial College Business School
Discussant: Richard Hirth, University of Michigan

Association of Sociodemographics with out-of-Pocket Expenditure (OOP) and Underinsurance in Skin Cancer Survivors
Author(s): Mohammad Karim, Texas A&M University; Robert Ohsfeldt, Texas A&M University; Nima Khodakarami, Texas A&M University; Hye-Chung Kum, Texas A&M University
Discussant: Kosali Simon, Indiana University

The Long-Term Impact of Childhood Exercise Programs
Author: Teresa Perry, Colorado State University
Discussant: John Cawley, Cornell University
Emerging Scholars: Tobacco, Alcohol, and Illegal Substances
Zoom: https://ashecon-org.zoom.us/j/94805553672

Chair: W. David Bradford, University of Georgia

Opioid Prescribing Limits and Opioid-Related Mortality
Author: Mallory Avery, University of Pittsburgh
Discussant: W. David Bradford, University of Georgia

The Impact of Tobacco 21 Laws on Youth Use of Tobacco and Other Substances
Author: Michael Daly, Cornell University
Discussant: Chad Cotti, University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh

Medical Examiner Vs Coroner: Does It Matter for the Opioid Epidemic?
Author(s): Alina Denham, University of Rochester, Andrew Boslett, University of Rochester, Tarsha Vasu, University of Rochester, Michael Mendoza, University of Rochester and Elaine L Hill University of Rochester
Discussant: Maria Sanmartin, Hofstra University
Emerging Scholars: Treatment Decisions

Zoom: https://ashecon-org.zoom.us/j/95790697763

Chair: David Molitor, University of Illinois

Physician Network Position and Cost-Effective Treatment Diffusion
Author: Yu Liu, Emory University
Discussant: Molly Schnell, Northwestern University

What Passed is Past? The Role of Recent Adverse Events in Physician Treatment Decisions
Author: Manasvini Singh, Emory University
Discussant: Chad Stecher, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

The Effect of The Clinical Environment on Physicians’ Treatment Choices: Evidence from the English NHS
Author(s): Luis Fernandes, University of York, UK; Martin Chalkley, University of York, UK; Nils Gutacker, University of York, UK
Discussant: David Molitor, University of Illinois
3:15 – 3:45pm EST – Coffee & Conversation (attendees are encouraged to go into the coffee break session and network)

Zoom:  https://ashecon-org.zoom.us/j/91486752608
4:00 – 5:00pm EST – Panel Discussion: Health Policy and the 2020 Presidential Candidates

Zoom: https://ashecon-org.zoom.us/j/99451532535

Don Berwick, Former Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)
Rena Conti, Boston University
David Cutler, Harvard University
Steve Parente, University of Minnesota

Moderator: Leemore Dafny, Harvard University

This session is sponsored by: AlixPartners and Matrix Economics

Tuesday, June 9th

12:00 – 1:00pm EST – Plenary: Access to Reproductive Health: The Role of Cost
Zoom: https://ashecon-org.zoom.us/j/94016078242
Speaker: Martha Bailey, University of Michigan
Moderator: Janet Currie, Princeton University
1:15 – 2:45pm EST – Emerging Scholars Session (Emerging Scholar sessions are student sessions; all will occur concurrently)
Emerging Scholars: Competition in Healthcare Markets
Zoom: https://ashecon-org.zoom.us/j/93969253124

Chair: Kate Ho, Princeton University

The Determinants of Nursing Home Acquisitions
Author: Wenqing Li, University at Albany, State University of New York
Discussant: Nathan Wilson, Federal Trade Commission
The Effects of Plan Switching in Medicaid Managed Care on Access and Continuity of Care

Author: Christopher Frenier, University of Minnesota
Discussant: Timothy McBride, Washington University

Private Entry and Competition in Public Service Provision: Evidence from the English National Health Service
Author: Samantha Burn, Harvard University
Discussant: Mireille Jacobson, University of Southern California
Emerging Scholars: Consumer Decision-Making in Health Care
Zoom: https://ashecon-org.zoom.us/j/98496678490

Chair: Anthony LoSasso, DePaul University

Testing Methodological Advances in Willingness to Pay (WTP) Estimation Using a Discrete Choice Experiment: An Advanced Lung Cancer Treatment Case Study
Author: Xiayu JiaoUniversity of Southern California, Joel Hay, University of Southern California and Jorge Nieva, University of Southern California
Discussant: Ce Shang, University of Oklahoma – HSC

Risk Aversion & Financial Knowledge Among Individual Market Enrollees
Author: Yevgeniy Feyman, Harvard University
Discussant: Brad Rice, Analysis Group

Sorting on Plan Designs: Theory and Evidence from the ACA
Author: Chenyuan Liu, University of Wisconsin at Madison
Discussant: Mark Shepard, Harvard University
Emerging Scholars: Demand for Health Insurance
Zoom: https://ashecon-org.zoom.us/j/98486868126

Chair: Tal Gross, Boston University

Does National Health Insurance Improve Individuals’ Health and Financial Burden?
Author: Yuying Xing, The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Discussant: Tal Gross, Boston University

Who Pays for Health Insurance? Premium Variation across Markets in the United States
Author: Jonathan Holmes, University of California, Berkeley
Discussant: Keaton Miller, University of Oregon

Five Year Impact of ACA on Insurance Coverage
Author(s): Ishtiaque Fazlul, Georgia State University; Charles Courtemanche, University of Kentucky; Aaron Yelowitz, University of Kentucky; Benjamin Ukert, Texas A&M; Daniela Zapata, Impaq International; James Marton, Georgia State University
Discussant: David Slusky, University of Kansas
Emerging Scholars: Effects of Health Insurance
Zoom: https://ashecon-org.zoom.us/j/93547310437

Chair: Kate Bundorf, Stanford University

The Effects of Medicare Advantage on Beneficiaries with Kidney Failure
Author(s): Jeffrey Pearson, University of Michigan; Richard Hirth, University of Michigan
Discussant: Kate Bundorf, Stanford University

Does Public Insurance Improve Marital Outcomes? Evidence from the ACA Medicaid Expansion
Author(s): Sarah Rosenberg, Université Libre de Bruxelles; Tom Potoms, University of Sussex
Discussant: Robin McKnight, Wellesley College

Effects on Non-Health Consumption Due to Health Insurance Expansions for Low-Income Households
 Thadchaigeni Panchalingam, The Ohio State University 
Discussant: Tara Watson, Williams College
Emerging Scholars: Health Systems, Health Care Financing, and Prescription Drugs
Zoom: https://ashecon-org.zoom.us/j/94100998169

Chair: Ashley Swanson, Columbia University

Financial Status and R&D Investment in the Medical Device Industry: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Hurricanes
Author: Alexander Everhart, University of Minnesota
Discussant: Matthew Grennan, University of Pennsylvania

Can Competitive Bidding Work in Health Care? Evidence from Medicare Durable Medical Equipment
Author: Yunan Ji, Harvard University
Discussant: Martin Hackmann, University of California, Los Angeles

Prepare for Trouble: Risk Compensation and the Unintended Consequences of PrEP
Author: Luis Faundez, University of Illinois at Chicago
Discussant: Marcus Dillender, University of Illinois at Chicago
Emerging Scholars: Health, Labor Markets, and the Economy
Zoom: https://ashecon-org.zoom.us/j/93658514039

Chair: Deborah Freund, Claremont Graduate University

The Long Run Impact of Child’s Health on Mother’s Career Trajectory
Author: Shubhashrita Basu, Clemson University
Discussant: Barbara Wolfe, University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Long-Run Impact of Community Health Workers on Health and Economic Outcomes: Evidence from China’s Barefoot Doctor Program
Author: Ying Liu, University of Pittsburgh
Discussant: Winnie Yip

Comparative Advantage in Health Care Delivery: A Machine Learning Approach
Author: Grant Gannaway, University of Chicago
Discussant:  Pinka Chatterji, University of Albany
Emerging Scholars: Long Term Care
Zoom: https://ashecon-org.zoom.us/j/92405755955

Chair: Edward Norton, University of Michigan

Do Higher Wages Save Consumer Lives? Evidence from Nursing Homes and Minimum Wage Reforms
Author: Krista Ruffini, University of California, Berkeley
Discussant: Sally Stearns, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Targeted Regulation, Warnings, and Quality Improvement: Evidence from Nursing Homes
Author: Michael Cohen, Yale University
Discussant: R. Tamara Konetzka, The University of Chicago

Incremental Healthcare Expenditures of Being Spouses of Elderly Patients with Alzheimer’s Diseases and Related Dementias
 Jun Chu, University of Maryland, College Park
Discussant: Courtney Van Houtven, Durham VA/Duke University
3:00 – 3:30pm EST -– Coffee & Conversation (attendees are encouraged to go into the coffee break session and network)

Zoom:  https://ashecon-org.zoom.us/j/95833165276
3:45pm – 5:00 pm EST – Award Presentations, Janet Currie, Princeton University Panel Discussion: Economics of Covid-19 

Zoom: https://ashecon-org.zoom.us/j/99460948593

Jerome Adda, Bocconi University
Janet Currie, Princeton University
Jay Shambaugh, The Brookings Institute
Neeraj Sood, University of Southern California

Moderator: Martin Gaynor, Carnegie Mellon University

Sponsored by: The Centene Charitable Foundation