Founders Circle

ASHEcon Founders Circle

We dedicate this page as an acknowledgement of the generosity of ASHEcon directors, officers, and friends, as well as the original parent organization, the International Health Economics Association (iHEA), all of whom in 2011-12 collectively contributed $93,000 enabling ASHEcon to become financially solvent and independent.

Richard J. Arnould (University of Illinois)
Gloria Bazzoli (Virginia Commonwealth)
Pinka Chatterji (University at Albany)
Randall P. Ellis (Boston University)
Susan Ettner (University of California at Los Angeles)
Victor R. Fuchs (Stanford University)
Thomas E Getzen (Temple University)
Dana P. Goldman (University of Southern California)
Michael Grossman (City University of New York)
Joel W. Hay (University of Southern California)
Vivian Ho (Rice University)
Michael A. Morrisey (University of Alabama, Birmingham)
Neil Jordan (Northwestern University)
Joseph P. Newhouse (Harvard University)
Jose Pagan (University of Texas-Pan American)
Kosali Simon (Indiana University)
Jody L. Sindelar (Yale University)
Frank A Sloan (Duke University)
Will White (Cornell University)