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Sponsor Spotlight: University of Chicago Press

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Founded in 1890, the University of Chicago Press is one of the oldest continuously operating university presses in the United States. From its inception, a primary goal of the Press has been to publish academic findings and analyses from scholars the world over.

Journals publishing was integral to the founding of the Press: the Journal of Political Economy, its first scholarly publication, has been published here continuously for over 120 years. In this time, the University of Chicago Press has proudly fostered partnerships with numerous journals, several of which were the first of their kind in their respective fields: the American Journal of Sociology, founded in 1895, is the oldest journal devoted to sociology; Social Service Review was founded in 1927, just as the field of social work was being established; and the History of Religions, founded in 1961, was the first journal devoted exclusively to comparative religious history.

The University of Chicago Press publishes more than 80 scholarly journals that cover a wide range of disciplines, from the humanities and the social sciences to the life and physical sciences. In addition to working with departments and faculty of the University of Chicago, the University of Chicago Press publishes influential scholarly journals on behalf of learned and professional societies and associations, foundations, museums, and other not-for-profit organizations. All are peer-reviewed publications, with readerships that include scholars, scientists, and practitioners, as well as other interested, educated individuals.

With its roots firmly in the academy, the University of Chicago Press Journals Division continues to recognize the importance of the dissemination of significant research. By expanding our reach to connect with intellectually engaged audiences across a variety of platforms and throughout academia and beyond, we look to lead the way into the future of scholarly publishing.

The University of Chicago Press is uniquely situated as a scholarly journals publisher. As the largest university press in North America and with more than 120 years in the publishing industry, we have the resources and experience to effectively support every partnership scenario. At the same time, we have been—and continue to be—a not-for-profit venture that is a part of an esteemed research university. Our primary goals as a publisher are to foster close relationships with our partners and to provide unparalleled service, support the aims and successes of our journals, and continue the long-standing tradition of the university-press model.

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