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Sponsor Spotlight: Princeton University, Center for Health and Wellbeing

Organization Description
The Princeton University Center for Health and Wellbeing (CHW) fosters research and teaching on diverse aspects of health and wellbeing in developed and developing countries. The Center’s goals are to understand the determinants of health and wellbeing; investigate the role of public policy in shaping the quality of people’s lives; and educate undergraduate and graduate students who aspire to careers in health and health policy.

Housed within the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs, the Center offers two certificate programs: the undergraduate Global Health and Health Policy certificate and the graduate Health and
Health Policy certificate. Certificate students are simultaneously enrolled full-time in a residential Princeton University bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree program; the university does not offer stand-alone or online certificates.

Also under the CHW umbrella are the Program on U.S. Health Policy, which sponsors research and activities addressing aspects of domestic health care and health policy, and the State Health and Value Strategies Program, a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation-funded program assisting states with health reform implementation. The Center includes over 40 affiliated faculty members, in addition to many researchers and postdoctoral fellows.
What are some of your latest research projects?
The Center for Health and Wellbeing funds innovative and groundbreaking health-focused research in the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities by both faculty and students. Below are faculty-led research projects that CHW supported in 2020:

“Designing Evidence-Based and Ethical Maternity Care during the COVID-19 Pandemic” – Principal Investigator: Prof. Elizabeth Armstrong
“The Pandemic Portal: Examining the Racial Dimensions of the COVID-19 Crisis” – Principal Investigator: Prof. Ruha Benjamin
“A Study of the Mortality and Morbidity in the German Colonies of Southern Brazil (1850-1880),” “Catarina’s Dictionary: Wellbeing in Vernacular Narrative Medicine,” and “The Judicialization of COVID-19 in Brazil” – Principal Investigator: Prof. João Biehl
“Community-Wide Acquisition of Medical Knowledge Under Conditions of Risk and Uncertainty” – Principal Investigator: Prof. Alin Coman
“Investigating the Impact of Medicaid Disenrollment on Child Health” – Principal Investigator: Prof. Janet Currie
“Epidemiology of Antibiotic Use in US Hospitals” – Principal Investigators: Prof. Simon Levin and Prof Ramanan Laxminarayan
“Silent Burdens: The Need to Strengthen Surveillance in Resource Poor Settings” – Principal Investigator: Prof. Jessica Metcalf
“Treatment and Prevention of HCMV Infection by Telomerase Inhibition” – Principal Investigator: Prof. Daniel Notterman
“Development of Serological Assays (‘Antibody Tests’) to Quantify Anti-SARS-CoV2 Humoral Immunity” and “Characterization of Host Responses to Usutu Virus Infection Across Different Vertebrate and Insect Species” – Principal Investigator: Prof. Alexander Ploss
“Trumplandia: Race, Health, and the Politics of Refusal” – Principal Investigator: Prof. Carolyn Rouse
“Regulated Revenues and Firm Behavior: Evidence from a Medicare Overhaul” – Principal Investigator: Prof. David Silver
“Selling Menthol: Visualizing Big Tobacco’s Targeted Market Strategies” and “Living in Pandemic Times: The U.S. Epidemic Experience in Historical Perspective” – Prof. Keith Wailoo
Any programs or initiatives you want to highlight?
CHW’s visiting scholars program arranges for researchers to devote either an academic year or semester in residence at Princeton. They spend this time focused on research, discussion and scholarly collaborations concerning the determinants of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing along with the effect of public policy on health and wellbeing. Visiting researchers are specialists in various health-related fields, including medicine, psychology, biology, epidemiology, economics, sociology and related social science disciplines. The application for the CHW visiting scholars program opens in the late fall and is posted on the CHW website,

The Center sponsors a robust Internships in Global Health program, supporting enrolled students to explore a myriad of health topics, in all disciplines, affecting the developed and developing world. In a normal year, this program funds nearly 100 undergraduate and graduate summer internships and research opportunities in the US and around the globe. In response to the challenges of Covid-19, CHW was able to convert many opportunities to distanced formats. In 2020, CHW funded nearly 30 remote summer internships and 20 remote senior thesis research projects.
Is there any other information that you’d like to share?
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