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Sponsor Spotlight: Arnold Ventures

About Us

Organization Description

Arnold Ventures is a philanthropy working to maximize opportunity and minimize injustice.

Our health care portfolio seeks to lower health care spending while ensuring and enhancing access to affordable, high-quality care. We prioritize four objectives to achieve these goals: lower prescription drug prices, lower excessive commercial sector prices charged by providers, reduce low-value and potentially harmful care, and improve care for people with complex care needs.

To achieve our goals, we invest in research, policy development, technical assistance and advocacy, and visibility and communications.

What are some of your latest research projects?
As a philanthropy, we fund impactful projects. Our giving centers on issues in Health, Criminal Justice, Education, and Public Finance, and is guided by Research, Evidence-Based Policy, and Advocacy. Since 2010, we’ve funded over 1,000 projects. You can learn more about what we’ve supported here:
Any programs or initiatives you want to highlight?

Our Drug Prices team is working to lower drug prices by focusing on evidence-based solutions aimed at the key drivers of high drug pricing and spending: patent abuses and anti-competitive behaviors; market distortions; and high launch prices and unjustified price increases. This team is also focused on ensuring that FDA approval incentivizes innovation by using clinically meaningful evidence based on patient outcomes and requiring that trial data be publicly available and comparable across products. Learn more:

Our Commercial Sector Prices team seeks to lower out-of-pocket costs and premiums for the privately insured by reducing the prices charged by providers with strong market power. Learn more:

Our Low-Value Care team is working to reduce wasteful spending in the health care system by addressing the drivers of low-value care, and to improve the long-term sustainability of the Medicare program. Learn more:

Our Complex Care team aims to improve the coordination of care for more than 12 million people who are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid by promoting integrated care models. Learn more:

Are you currently hiring or have any fellowships, post-doc positions etc. that you want to highlight?
We’re currently hiring for a Director to help us expand and manage our low-value care portfolio at Arnold Ventures and advance related policy work.
Is there something unique or interesting about your company that most ASHEcon members not know about hat you would like them to share?
We continuously look for new partners and potential grantees. Please email us at with your concepts.
Is there any other information that you’d like to share?
A succinct one pager outlining our Health Care portfolio can be found here: