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Interview with the New ASHEcon Program and Conference Manager, Tiffiney Smith

By Anne M. Burton

Tiffiney Smith is the new program and conference manager for ASHEcon. In this article, we talked to Tiffiney to get to know her better and understand her new role.

Anne: Thanks for taking the time to speak with me, Tiffiney. Can you tell me what the ASHEcon program and conference manager does?

Tiffiney: I answer and handle all membership questions and issues. I maintain the ASHEcon website. I manage set up and the session submission process for the conference. I send all the emails that go out to the members, and I answer and manage all the emails that come into ASHEcon from the members. I work on the newsletter and send it out, and I am the managing editor of ASHEcon’s journal, the American Journal of Health Economics, starting with the next issue. I assist all the ASHEcon committees and EHEC. I do some of the reporting for the monthly financials for ASHEcon. Last but not least, I plan and manage all the meeting logistics for the annual conference before the conference and on-site at the conference as the point of contact.    

Anne: Wow that’s a lot! Is this the kind of work you were doing prior to ASHEcon? Where were you working before you took over this role?

Tiffiney: Before I was in this role, I worked for the Institute of International Education as an Event Planner. I have been doing meeting and event planning for 5 years. Before I did meeting and event planning, I was in the hotel industry and worked in other aspects of the travel industry as a travel agent and for an airline.

Anne: You have a lot of relevant experience! Speaking of travel, ASHEcon’s headquarters are in Washington, D.C. Have you lived there for a while or if not, where did you move from?

Tiffiney: I have lived in Northern Virginia for almost 4 years now. I am from Virginia Beach, VA born and raised. Most of my family still lives there.

Anne: That’s great that your family lives close by. What do you like to do in your free time?

Tiffiney: I love to go and listen to live jazz music as often as I can. I am an avid cruiser. This year will be my 10th cruise. I like movies, tv, and bowling. I also do many church activities.

Anne: Sounds like a lot of fun. Last question: will you be at the 2022 ASHEcon conference in Austin, Texas?

Tiffiney: Yes, I will be. I am the main contact person for the conference and handle all the logistics for the conference. I am very approachable, and I look forward to meeting everyone at the conference. Please come up and say hello.