2019 Single Abstract Submission Listing


The Single Abstract Listings is a compilation of all the single abstract submissions received thus far, sorted by program area, that might help complete or create a full panel. As you are creating your submissions, we encourage you to check the Single Abstract Listings below for abstracts that might work well with your proposal in order to submit a complete organized session. As a reminder, fully submitted organized session submissions (three papers and with three discussants) have an average acceptance rate of 80% as compared to 40% for single abstract submissions.

We hope this will encourage you to broaden your research and professional networks and become familiar with your colleagues who are doing similar work.

How Do I Use the Single Abstract Submission Listing? (The single abstract listing will be updated every Monday by 11am EST)

If you find an abstract (or abstracts) in the listing that you would like to use to create or fill out a panel, we encourage you to reach out to the author  and see if they would like to be part of the panel. If they would like to be part of the panel, they would need to withdraw their single abstract submission (they can do this by logging into the abstract system via the link in the confirmation email received when the abstract was submitted) and resubmit the abstract as part of the new panel.

General Submission Information

More information about the 2019 ASHEcon Conference, including the submission process can be found here.  If you have questions about the Single Abstract Submission Listing, or submissions in general, please email Leslie Ofori.

Download the Single Abstract Submission Listing!