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Introducing the 2023 ASHEcon Award Winners!

The American Society of Health Economists (ASHEcon) is pleased to announce its 2023 ASHEcon Award Recipients. ASHEcon’s awards honor individuals who have made significant contributions to the field of health economics. The awards given at the conference highlight both burgeoning and established leaders in the health economics field. This is a great opportunity to recognize an outstanding peer, colleague, or student. We hope that by recognizing the work of individuals working in health economics, we will not only help elevate the amazing people in the field, but will continue to enable excellent research and put a spotlight on the field of health economics.

Victor R. Fuchs Award for Lifetime Contributions to the Field of Health Economics

Mark Satterthwaite
A.C. Buehler Professor in Hospital and Heath Services Management, Professor of Strategy, and Professor of Managerial Economics
Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management

ASHEcon Medal

David Chan
Associate Professor of Health Policy
Stanford University

The Willard G. Manning Memorial Award for the Best Research in Health Econometrics

Amanda Kowalski
Gail Wilensky Professor of Applied Economics and Public Policy
University of Michigan Department of Economics

Student Paper Award

“Supplier Enforcement and the Opioid Crisis”
J. Travis Donahoe
Ph.D. Candidate in Health Policy (Economics)
Harvard University

The ASHEcon Program Chair Award recognizes an exceptional abstract in each conference program area. Congratulations to this year’s winners!

Program AreaAbstract TitleAuthors
Alcohol, Tobacco, Sugar and Illegal SubstancesExcessive Sugar Intake in-Utero and in Early Childhood Leads to Earlier Onset of Type 2 Diabetes and HypertensionTadeja Gracner, Claire Boone, and Paul Gertler
Climate/Pollution/Environmental & HealthSaving Lives with Cooking Gas? Unintended Effects of Targeted LPG Subsidies in PeruThomas Thivillon
Competition in Health Care Markets and Insurer and Hospital BehaviorsHow Does Rising Health Care Spending in the US Impact Labor Markets and Mortality? Evidence from Hospital MergersZack Cooper, Zarek C. Brot-Goldberg, Stuart V. Craig, Lev Klarnet Klarnet, and Ithai Lurie
Consumer Decision Making in HealthcareWhat’s in a Bill? a Model of Imperfect Moral Hazard in HealthcareAlex Hoagland, David Anderson, and Ed Zhu
Crime and HealthDisrupting Drug Markets: The Effects of Crackdowns on Rogue Opioid SuppliersAdam Soliman
Demand for and Effect of Health InsuranceEffects of the ACA Medicaid Expansions on Disparities in Birth Outcomes of Non-Hispanic Black and Non-Hispanic White Mothers By Marital StatusJoanne Constantin and George L. Wehby
Health & DevelopmentPaid Work for Women and Domestic Violence: Evidence from the Rwandan Coffee MillsDeniz Sanin
Health EquityBridging the Digital Divide: Do Community Center or Home-Based Telemedicine Delivery Models Offer More Equitable Access to Care?Paul George
Health, Labor Markets, and the EconomyMinimum Wage Laws and the Design and Provision of Employer-Sponsored Health InsuranceMark Meiselbach and Jean Abraham
Long Term Care, Aging and DemographyEffects of Essential Caregiver Policies on COVID-19 and Non-COVID-19 Deaths in Nursing HomesMingyu Qi, Nadia Ghazali, and R. Tamara Konetzka
Maternal, Child, Sexual, and Reproductive HealthThe Effects of Residential Segregation on Infant HealthTiffany Green, Hoa Vu, and Laura Swan
Physician/Nurse Reimbursement, Training, and BehaviorHow Power Shapes Behavior: Evidence from PhysiciansManasvini Singh and Stephen Schwab
Prescription DrugsEvidence of Excessive Pricing of Pharmaceutical Ingredients for Medicines Speculatively Repurposed As COVID-19 TherapeuticsMelissa Barber