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ASHEcon Sessions at ASSA 2018

The Allied Social Science Association meeting in Philadelphia January 5-7, 2018 will feature a host of health economics sessions—thanks to your submissions to our call for abstracts.

Topics in Health Economics – ASHEcon session

The Evolution of Returns to New Medical Innovations
Ashley Swanson, University of Pennsylvania
Jonathan Skinner, Dartmouth College
Jonathan Kolstad, University of California, Berkeley
Robert Town, University of Texas, Austin
Andrea Austin, Dartmouth College

Patient vs Provider Incentives and Overspending in Long Term Care
Martin Hackmann, UCLA and NBER
Vincent Pohl, University of Georgia

Does Medicaid improve mental health? An examination of treatment use and financial security
Laura Dague, Texas A&M University
Marguerite Burns, University of Wisconsin

The Effect of Minimum Wage Laws on Employer Health Insurance: Do Outside Options Matter?
Angshuman Gooptu, Indiana University
Kosali Simon, Indiana University

Jon Gruber, MIT
Mark Pauly, University of Pennsylvania
Loren Baker, Stanford University
Anthony Lo Sasso, University of Illinois, Chicago

Eight Years Later: Analyses of ACA Health Insurance Markets – HERO/AEA joint session

Chair: Donald Yett- University of Southern California

Screening in Contract Design: Evidence from the ACA Health Insurance Exchanges
Timothy Layton- Harvard University
Michael Geruso – University of Texas -Austin
Daniel Prinz – Harvard University

Early ACA Medicaid Expansions: Impacts on Enrollment and Access
Vilsa Curto- Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Monica Bhole – Stanford University

Consumer Choice and Learning in Private Insurance Markets: Evidence from the ACA Marketplaces
Aditi Sen – Johns Hopkins University
Thomas DeLeire – Georgetown University

Jonathan Gruber – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Sarah Miller- University of Michigan
Michael Chernew- Harvard University

Contributed Papers in Health Economics – HERO Session

Chair: Michael Fitzmaurice – JMF Associates

The Intended and Unintended Consequences of the Hospital Readmission Reduction Program
Engy Zeidan -University of Illinois at Chicago

Transitions across Smoking and E-cigarette Use: Role of Advertising
Michael Grossman -City University of New York Graduate Center
Dhaval Dave -Bentley University
Daniel Dench – City University of New York Graduate Center
Donald S. Kenkel – Cornell University
Henry Safer- National Bureau of Economic Research

Health Insurance and Mortality
Alex Hollingsworth – Indiana University
Bernard Black- Northwestern University
Leticia Faria de Carvalho Nunes- Fundação Getulio Vargas
Kosali Simon – Indiana University

Edward Norton – University of Michigan
Christopher (Kitt) Carpenter – Vanderbilt University
Robert Kaestner – University of Illinois, Chicago

Do New Forms of Organization in Health Care Enhance Efficiency or Harm Competition? – HERO Session

Chair: Martin Gaynor -Carnegie Mellon University

How Important Is Price Variation Between Health Insurers?
Amanda Starc – Northwestern University
Stuart Craig – University of Pennsylvania
Keith Ericson – Boston University

The Effects of Multispecialty Group Practice on Health Care Spending and Use
Kate Bundorf – Stanford University
Laurence Baker – Stanford University
Anne Royalty- Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis

Are Hospital-Owned or Physician-Owned Organizations More Costly?
Vivian Ho – Rice University
Leanne Metcalfe – Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas
Lan Vu – Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas
Marah Short – Rice University
Robert Morrow – Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas

How does Hospital-Physician Integration affect Hospital Prices?
Haizhen Lin – Indiana University
Ian McCarthy – Emory University
Michael Richards – Vanderbilt University

Kate Ho – Columbia University
James Rebitzer – Boston University
David Chan – Stanford University
Robin Lee – Harvard University

Care Delivery: Establishing Links Between Evidence and Practice – HERO Session

Chair: Jay Bhattacharya – Stanford University

The Adoption and Diffusion of Medical Technology: Evidence from Cardiac Valve Procedures
Ariel Dora Stern- Harvard University
Robert Huckman – Harvard University

Are Mammograms Helpful for Some Women but Harmful for Others? Evidence from the Canadian National Breast Screening Study
Amanda Kowalski – Yale University

Coordination Within Teams and The Cost of Health Care
Keith Ericson – Boston University
Leila Agha – Dartmouth College
Kimberly Geissler – University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Benjamin Lupin – Boston University
James Rebitzer – Boston University

David Meltzer- University of Chicago
Atheendar Venkataramani – University of Pennsylvania
Jay Bhattacharya – Stanford University

Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy – HERO Session

Chair: Sean Nicholson- Cornell University

Regulatory incentives for pharmaceutical innovation: the FDA’s Breakthrough Therapy designation
Ariel Stern – Harvard University
Jennifer Kao – Harvard University
Amitabh Chandra – Harvard University

The Welfare Effects of Physician-Industry Interactions: Evidence from Patent Expiration
Matthew Grennan- University of Pennsylvania
Ronnie Chatterji – Duke University
Kyle Myers- University of Pennsylvania
Ashley Swanson – University of Pennsylvania

The Impact of Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs on Teen Use of ADHD Medication
Anna Chorniy- Princeton University
Janet Currie – Princeton University
Anca Cotet-Grecu – Seton Hall University

Darius Lakdawalla – University of Southern California
Colleen Carey- Cornell University
David Chan- Stanford University

Health Care Organization and Outcomes: International Evidence – iHEA Session

Chair: David Bishai, Johns Hopkins University

Waiting for Surgery: Effects on Health and Labor Supply
Ingrid Huitfeldt – Statistics Norway
Mark Votruba – Case Western Reserve University
Venke Furre Haaland – University of Stavanger
Anna Godøy – IRLE, UC Berkeley

Is Preventive Care Worth the Cost? Evidence From Mandatory Checkups in Japan
Karen Eggleston – Stanford University
Toshiaki Iizuka – University of Tokyo
Katsuhiko Nishiyama – Mizuho Information & Research Institute
Brian Chen – University of South Carolina

Does a Government Public Transfer Program Crowd Out Intergenerational Transfers? Evidence from South Korea
Kanghyock Koh – Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology
Hyunjoo Yang – Korea Development Institute

Earnings Gaps for Conspicuous Characteristics: Evidence from Indonesia
Nazmul Ahsan – Saint Louis University
Inas Kelly – Queens College – CUNY & NBER

Pay for performance in health care: International evidence – IHEA Session

Chair: Adam Wagstaff – The World Bank

An Incentive Program with Almost No Incentive: An Overlooked Benefit of Pay-For-Performance
Shiko Maruyama – University of Technology Sydney
Chunzhou Mu – University of Technology Sydney
Kees van Gool (University of Technology Sydney

Pay-For-Performance for Long-Term Care
Toshiaki Iizuka – University of Tokyo
Haruko Noguchi – Waseda University
Shinya Sugahara – University of Tokyo

Physician Performance Pay: Experimental Evidence
Daniel Wiesen – University of Cologne
Jeannette Brosig-Koch – University of Duisburg-Essen
Heike Hennig-Schmidt (University of Bonn
Nadja Kairies-Schwarz (University of Duisburg-Essen
Johanna Kokot (University of Duisburg-Essen

Showmanship: The Relationship Between Health Care Provider Generosity and Provider Effort
Nivedhitha Subramanian – Duke University
Manoj Mohanan – Duke University