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Call for papers: Public Financing of Long Term Care

This issue of Fiscal Studies will be edited by Joan Costa Font (London School of Economics), Thomas Crossley (IFS and Cambridge), Edward Norton (University of Michigan) and Luigi Siciliani (University of York).

Since its inception in 1979, Fiscal Studies has earned a reputation around the world for publishing high quality, original research papers in a style understandable to a wide audience. Written by leading experts in public economics and fiscal policy worldwide, articles are presented in a clear and
accessible format which appeals to a broad international readership of policy makers, public finance practitioners and academic researchers.


Long term care programs have experienced an expansion of government intervention. Population ageing and social change within families (making informal caregiving costly) put significant pressures on government expenditures. A special issue would bring together ideas and empirical evidence to learn more about how to tackle the increasing demand for long term care programs; to measure costs and benefits of different interventions; to assess ahead of time whether the costs are manageable
and under control. We expect to attract a set of papers that would shed some light into how to respond to questions of funding, sustainability, quality, equity and choice.

All papers will have a clear policy implication, draw from evidence from different countries and relate to reforms in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, United States, Spain, the Netherlands and other countries with a significant public component.


a) LTC insurance: public-private, voluntary-mandatory
b) Individuals/patients’ funding options for institutionalised care (care
homes/nursing homes)
c) Funding of home care; Informal care vs formal care
d) Sustainability of LTC expenditure
e) Baumol’s disease
f) Regulatory/policy interventions to improve quality and contain
expenditure and costs of providers of LTC services
g) Coordination between health and LTC services

Deadline for paper submission

All submissions to the workshop by 1 June 2015 to fiscalstudiesltc@gmail.com. Later submission only for the special issue will be considered before 1 September 2015.

Seminar features

It will be a one day seminar at the LSE and all authors will cover their own expenses (coffee and lunch will be provided).

Time line

Call for papers: 1 February2015
Submission deadline: 1 June 2015
Decisions: 15 June 2015
Workshop at the London School of Economics: 3 August 2015
Submission to the journal: 1 October 2015