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2024 ASHEcon Diversity Recipients Announced!

In an effort to increase diversity in health economics, the American Society of Health Economists (ASHEcon) is offering scholarships aimed at underrepresented minorities and/or individuals whose background or life circumstances indicate they have overcome substantial obstacles (e.g., first generation college student, disabled individuals, racial and ethnic minorities, LGBTQIA+ individuals). The scholarships enable the recipients to attend the annual ASHEcon conference, where they will have the opportunity to network with each other and with members of the ASHEcon Board and Diversity Committee, recognizing them, their accomplishments and bright futures.

Congratulations to the 2024 Recipients!

  • Aaron Khatz, University of York
  • Angela Shoulders, University of South Carolina
  • Chloe Smith, Cornell University
  • Emma Achola, Vanderbilt University
  • Gray Babbs, Brown University
  • Joseph (Guillermo Pinete) Hnath, Harvard University
  • Juan Echenique, New York University
  • Maitreyi Sahu, University of Washington
  • Meaghan Roberts, Michigan State University
  • Mukesh Adhikari, University of North Carolina
  • Nayantara Biswas, Clark University
  • Neto Coulibaly, Brown University
  • Paul Park, Florida State University
  • Rachel Rosales, Brown University
  • Ruslan Galyamov, Georgia State University
  • Salpy Kanimian, Rice University
  • Samantha Gold, Cornell University
  • Sarah Ayensuah Bainn, North Carolina State University
  • Sherajum Monira Farin, Georgia State University
  • Sparshi Srivastava, University of Massachusetts Amherst