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2016 PAN Challenge

The PAN Challenge is an initiative of the Patient Access Network (PAN) Foundation in collaboration with The American Journal of Managed Care. Entitled “Beyond Charitable Assistance: Sustainable Strategies for Providing Access to Critical Medications,” the Challenge seeks abstracts/papers that propose ways to reduce or eliminate barrier and disparities that Medicare and ACA enrollees face in obtaining medications to treat life-threatening, chronic and rare diseases.

Abstracts are due October 30th, and papers are due December 31st.

If selected as a “winning” paper, the author will have an opportunity to present at PAN’s Cost-Sharing Roundtable, to be held in Washington, DC February 24, 2017 (date to be confirmed). There is a cash reward, and the paper will also be published in a supplement of the Journal.

Information about the Call for Papers can be found here: www.panfoundation.org/index.php/en/advocacy-groups/the-pan-challenge

Contact Amy Niles, Vice President, External Affairs, PAN Foundation, for more information at aniles@panfoundation.org or 202-661-8073.