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ASHEcon Update

It feels a little like the calm before the storm of the coming ASHEcon2018 meeting at Emory. But there is a lot happening behind the scenes here! There will be exciting and important announcements to come soon from ASHEcon. In the meantime, we are pleased to be assisting in receiving your abstracts for the 2018 AEA/ASSA meeting on behalf of HERO, iHEA, and… ourselves! We are excited that for the first time ASHEcon will have its own session in the ASSA meeting next year. We are accepting submissions until May 1:

As noted, we are preparing for ASHEcon2018 at Emory. The call for abstracts will be released in September. We will be casting a wide net for volunteers to help with scientific review and many other aspects of the meeting. Stay tuned!

Finally, it was great seeing everyone at the AEA meetings this past January! We had a great turnout at the luncheon and our speaker Amy Finkelstein was fantastic. We are always open for suggestions for speakers you would like to hear to from in future luncheons. Just drop me an email. For that matter, we are always interested in hearing your suggestions on how ASHEcon can do more for you!

Thanks for your continued support of ASHEcon!