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ASHEcon/APPAM Webinar: Cellular Mobility Data:  What Is It and How Can It be Used for Research?

The ability to track how millions of cellular devices move throughout the day provides researchers, policy analysts, and policy makers with new ways to evaluate the effects of public policies. These data have been used during the COVID-19 pandemic to help public health agencies and other entities study changes in mobility that may affect the incidence of COVID-19. 

In this webinar, representatives and collaborators from three different data vendors will describe the mobility data that they provide or work with, including the kinds of measurements that they make available, the geographic and temporal resolution of their data, and methods for accessing their data. There will also be a general discussion of the sources that vendors may use in constructing their data. In addition, you will hear from two users of the data who will provide perspectives on how one can use the data to help guide policy and for research purposes. Webinar participants will also have the opportunity to ask questions of the presenters.

Co-Organizer & Moderator: Martin Andersen, Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Co-Organizer & Moderator: Kosali Simon, Herman B. Wells Endowed Professor, Indiana University

Nana Addai, PhD student in Economics, University of North Carolina, Greensboro
Jesse Ayers, Socioeconomic Modeling Manager , Maricopa Association of Governments
Victor Couture, Assistant Professor, University of California, Berkeley
Ross Epstein, Chief of Staff, SafeGraph
Kate Myers, Vice President of Product, UberMedia

Resources for the Webinar