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Vice President for Research Workers Compensation Research Institute



Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Workers Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) is recognized worldwide as the leading research organization that addresses the crucial public policy issues affecting compensation for employment-related injuries. The WCRI mission is to conduct and disseminate empirical research sufficiently powerful, credible and actionable to catalyze significant improvements in compensation systems, which affect the welfare of injured workers and the costs and competitiveness of employers everywhere. WCRI is a membership organization involving insurers, employers, labor organizations, state government officials, government agencies in other countries, and managed care organizations. Its work spans a wide range of policy concerns, including health policy, program evaluation, outcomes measurement, labor supply issues and dispute resolution.

The Vice President for Research will occupy a new position, heading a current research staff of 13, reporting to the President and CEO, and serving as a member of the WCRI leadership team, thereby contributing to the overall direction of the Institute. The Vice President for Research is the organization’s chief research scientist, leading or approving the design of studies, overseeing their progress and day-to-day execution, and serving as the quality control officer for all WCRI research. They work with the staff of the Institute’s topical research and Core Benchmark studies programs to create the annual research agenda, developing projects to accomplish the needs identified by WCRI research governance committees. As Chief Quality Officer, they implement and monitor the quality assurance processes and quality disciplines which result in the highest degree of objectivity, integrity, and technical accuracy. The Vice President for Research will also be responsible for translating research results for broader, nontechnical audiences, presenting the results of WCRI studies to policymakers and other system stakeholders, and participating in key revenue raising activities and events.

For more information, please access the full-length position specification. Qualified applicants should forward an electronic version (Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF files preferred) of their resume or curriculum vitae to:

Joi Hayes-Scott

Russell Reynolds Associates