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Research Economist, NCCI

Job Purpose

Lead complex economic research projects to provide greater understanding of the ever-changing workers compensation market. The potential scope is both broad and deep — labor markets, financial markets/cost of capital, health care and medical services, social insurance, demographics, the business cycle, regulatory and legislative change and more — using NCCI’s extensive proprietary data and our traditional and advanced Bayesian statistical modeling capabilities. Publishing in peer reviewed journals is encouraged. Practical insights will enhance NCCI’s actuarial and economic products and services and will benefit workers, employers, insurers, and regulators. In addition to publications the authors share their research analysis and findings broadly through participation in industry and professional conferences. Sharing expertise with and developing junior staff is also a key responsibility.

Major Duties:

Lead complex economic research projects. This includes developing and managing project plans, determining appropriate methodologies and approach, coordinating the work of others, analyzing complex information, assessing the reasonability of results and drawing conclusions, presenting and defending results to internal and external audiences, preparing presentations and publications, and properly documenting the project work.

Lead an economic focus area (e.g. economic research, statistical modeling, financial analysis) This leadership role includes prioritizing projects, obtaining staffing from internal resources, delegating tasks, and delivering results. Responsibilities also include developing and managing bench strength, ensuring that assigned staff adhere to quality standards, implementing process and methodology improvements as appropriate, and managing all administrative responsibilities for the focus area.

Provide constructive and actionable feedback regarding the performance of project team members to the individuals and their managers.

Required Education, Experience and Skills:

  • A Doctoral degree in Economics, or closely related field and five years’ experience conducting research and managing major projects. Candidates may qualify with a Masters’ degree in Economics and ten years business/research economist experience
  • Extensive knowledge of econometrics, finance, macroeconomics, and economic forecasting
  • Advanced knowledge of economic data sources and analytical tools
  • Creative and innovative thinking
  • Advanced analytical skills
  • Strong project management skills
  • Ability to lead complex research projects
  • Ability to lead a focus area or significant project team
  • Good people skills that include understanding the perspectives and needs of others, building mutual respect, and garnering support
  • Customer focused
  • Strategic thinker
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, including the ability to present technical material to technical and non-technical audiences
  • Ability to represent the company in external audiences
  • Expertise in identifying and solving problems

The NCCI Team

At NCCI Holdings, Inc., we realize our greatest asset is our team of more than 900 professionals working together every day to make our company the leading provider of workers compensation insurance data and research information. As a Research Economist you will play an important leadership role in NCCI’s diverse community.

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