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Healthy Policy at CBO


CBO is a nonpartisan agency that provides Congress with the objective, timely analyses needed for economic and budgetary decisions. CBO seeks both new and experienced economists, with PhDs and Master’s degrees, who have a broad range of policy interests. Positions require excellent quantitative skills, strong writing ability, and an interest in working on issues that are current legislative priorities for the Congress.

All of these economists will construct and improve cutting-edge models that underlie CBO’s policy analyses, leverage CBO’s unique access to data, interact with a large network of academic and industry specialists, collaborate with other analysts at CBO to develop estimates of the cost of government programs, and contribute to reports and testimonies.

Health Economists will conduct research on ways the federal government affects health and health care, such as examining factors affecting the supply of, demand for, and prices of medical services.

Industrial Organization Economists will contribute to our understanding of how firms will react to changes in regulation or legislation, particularly those that will or aim to affect competition, prices, profits, and innovation.

CBO’s analysts work in a collegial environment in which they are encouraged to pursue research projects related to CBO’s broad mission and present this work at conferences and publish it in peer-reviewed journals.


Visit for more information and to submit an application. Apply by 11/28/21 to ensure review and consideration for virtual interviews at the ASSA Conference. CBO may consider U.S. permanent residents seeking citizenship.

These positions will offer the ability to work remotely and on site as needed during the week. Employees can expect to be in the office weekly for meetings and team collaboration and should live within a commutable distance.