Categories: News, Newsletter 2021:1

Nominations for ASHEcon Board of Directors 

Have you ever considered being more involved in ASHEcon? The ASHEcon Nominating Committee is soliciting its members for nominations to the ASHEcon Board for the positions of ASHEcon President-elect and board member. All terms will begin after the June 2021 ASHEcon Conference. 

The President Elect will serve a term of one year, and following completion of this term of office, shall automatically assume the office of President for a one year term. Immediately following the completion of his or her term as President, the President will become Past-President. 

An board member serves a four year term.

The individual(s) nominated must be current ASHEcon members. You can self-nominate or put forward the name of a member whom you feel would be an excellent leadership candidate.

In 100 words or less, the nominee/nominator must provide a statement about why the nominee would make an excellent candidate to serve on ASHEcon’s board. Please comment on aspects of social/intellectual diversity you can bring to ASHEcon.

Nominations will be accepted until February 20th , 2021.