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2021 ASSA Meeting Call for Papers

The American Society of Health Economists (ASHEcon), the Health Economics Research Organization (HERO), and the International Health Economics Association (iHEA) are soliciting papers for presentation at the 2020 Allied Social Science Association (ASSA) annual meeting to be held in Chicago, IL from  January 3 – 5, 2021 (Sunday, Monday & Tuesday). Based upon submitted abstracts, papers will be selected for 1 ASHEcon-organized session, 5 HERO-organized sessions, and 2 iHEA-organized sessions.

ASHEcon seeks abstracts on topics related to US-focused health economics topics, HERO seeks abstracts on all issues of relevance to the health economics field, and iHEA seeks abstracts for sessions that will focus primarily on internationally relevant topics in health economics.

Submission Guidelines

Anyone is eligible to submit an abstract. Abstract text must be 300 words or less.

If you would like to submit your abstract as part of a group of abstracts for consideration as a complete session,you must provide suggested discussants for each paper.  Please note that this is not a guarantee that all papers in a set would necessarily be on the program.

Review Committee

Parallel review will take place by review committees comprised of ASHEcon, IHEA and HERO leaders, including Mark Pauly (University of Pennsylvania), Kate Bundorf (Stanford University), Christopher “Kitt” Carpenter (Vanderbilt University), Robin McKnight (Wellesley College), Frank Sloan (Duke University), Donald Yett (USC), Kosali Simon (Indiana University) and Erin Stump, (iHEA).

Please submit abstracts by April 9, 2020.